Visa Free Countries To Singapore

Visa Free Countries To Singapore

Visa Free Countries To Singapore, Singapore Passport is the world most powerful passport, it gives a holder of the passport access to 189 countries without a visa and still counting.

Visa  Free Countries To Singapore

The list below shows Non- Eligible and Eligible Country with or without visa into Singapore

Visa Free Countries to Singapore and Visa requirements for Singapore

Visa requirements for holders of normal passports travelling for tourist purposes:

CountryVisa requirementAllowed stayNotes (excluding departure fees)Reciprocity
 AfghanistanVisa required[13]  
 AlbaniaVisa not required[14]90 days
  • May enter with a National ID card [15]
 AlgeriaVisa required[16]  
 AndorraVisa not required[17]  
 AngolaVisa not required[18]30 days
  • For a maximum total stay of 90 days within year period.[19][20]
 Antigua and BarbudaVisa not required[21]1 month 
 ArgentinaVisa not required[22]90 days 
 ArmeniaVisa not required[23]180 days X
 AustraliaElectronic Travel Authority[24]90 days
  • 90 days on each visit in 12-month period if granted.
  • May enter using SmartGate on arrival in Australia.[25]
 AustriaVisa not required[26]90 days
 AzerbaijaneVisa / Visa on arrival[27]30 daysX
 BahamasVisa not required[31]3 months 
 BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival[32]14 days
  • May also be obtained online in the form of an E-Visa.
 BangladeshVisa on arrival[33]30 days
  • Not available at all entry points.[34]
 BarbadosVisa not required[35]6 months 
 BelarusVisa not required[36]30 daysX
 BelgiumVisa not required[37]90 days
 BelizeVisa not required[38]90 days 
 BenineVisa / Visa on arrival[39][40]30 days / 8 days
  • Must have an international vaccination certificate.
 BhutanVisa required[41]  X
 BoliviaVisa on arrival[42]90 days
  • Fee is USD52.
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa not required[43]90 days
  • 90 days within any 6-month period
 BotswanaVisa not required[44]90 days
  • 90 days within any year period
 BrazilVisa not required[45]30 days 
 BruneiVisa not required[46]30 days 
 BulgariaVisa not required[47]90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period
 Burkina FasoVisa not required[48]30 days 
 BurundiVisa required[49]  X
 CambodiaVisa not required[50]30 days 
 CameroonVisa required[51] 
  • Holders of a pre-arranged approval issued by “Le Delegue General de la Surete” can obtain a visa on arrival.
 CanadaVisa not required[52]6 months
  • eTA required if arriving by air.[53]
 Cape VerdeVisa not required[54]90 days 
 Central African RepublicVisa required[55]  X
 ChadVisa required[56]  X
 ChileVisa not required[57]30 days 
 ChinaVisa not required[58]15 days X
 ColombiaVisa not required[59]180 days
  • 90 days – extendable up to 180-day stay within a one year period
 ComorosVisa on arrival[60]45 days X
 Costa RicaVisa not required[63]90 days 
 CroatiaVisa not required[67]90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period
 CubaVisa not required[68]30 days 
 CyprusVisa not required[69]90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period
 Czech RepublicVisa not required[70]90 days
 Côte d’IvoireVisa not required[64][65][66]90 days 
 Democratic Republic of the CongoVisa required[62]  X
 DenmarkVisa not required[71]90 days
 DjiboutiVisa not required[72]  
 DominicaVisa not required[73]6 months 
 Dominican RepublicVisa not required[74]30 days X
 EcuadorVisa not required[75]90 days[76] 
 EgyptVisa on arrival[77]30 days
  • Extension possible (needs to be shaded in light green on the map).
 El SalvadorVisa not required[78]3 months 
 Equatorial GuineaVisa required[79]  X
 EritreaVisa required[80]  X
 EstoniaVisa not required[81]90 days
 EthiopiaeVisa[82]  X
 FijiVisa not required[83]4 months 
 FinlandVisa not required[84]90 days
 FranceVisa not required[85]90 days
  • Passengers arriving at Libreville International Airport do not need a visa if they have filled out the online Electronic Authorization Form.[87] Approval process takes up to 72 hours following submission of the visa waiver request.
 GambiaVisa not required[88]90 days 
 GeorgiaVisa not required[89]1 year X
 GermanyVisa not required[90]90 days
 GhanaVisa not required[91]  
 GreeceVisa not required[92]90 days
 GrenadaVisa not required[93]3 months 
 GuatemalaVisa not required[94]90 days 
 GuineaVisa required[95]  X
 Guinea-BissaueVisa / Visa on arrival[96]90 days X
 GuyanaVisa required[97] 
  • Those travelling as tourists can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days provided holding a letter of invitation from sponsor or host. Otherwise, pre-arrival visa is required.
 HaitiVisa not required[98]3 months 
 HondurasVisa not required[99]3 months 
 HungaryVisa not required[100]90 days
 IcelandVisa not required[101]90 days
 Indiae-Visa[102]60 days
  • e-Visa holders must arrive via 25 designated airports[Note 1] or 3 designated seaports.[Note 2][103]
  • An Indian e-Tourist Visa can only be obtained twice in one calendar year.
 IndonesiaVisa not required[104]30 days 
 IranVisa on arrival[105]30 days[106][107] X
 IraqVisa required[108]  
 IrelandVisa not required[109]3 months 
 IsraelVisa not required[110]3 months 
 ItalyVisa not required[111]90 days
 JamaicaVisa not required[112]6 months [113] 
 JapanVisa not required[114]90 days 
 JordanVisa on arrival[115] 
  • Visa is issued free of charge in most circumstances.[116]
  • Not available at all entry points.[117]
 KazakhstanVisa not required[118]30 days X
 KenyaVisa not required[119]3 months 
 KiribatiVisa not required[120]30 days 
 KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival[123]3 months
  • E-Visa is also available online.[124]
 KyrgyzstanVisa not required[125]60 days X
 LaosVisa not required[126]30 days 
 LatviaVisa not required[127]90 days
 LebanonFree Visa on arrival[128]1 month
  • 1 month extendable for 2 additional months
  • Granted free of charge at Beirut International Airport or any other port of entry if there is no Israeli visa or stamp in the passport, and in possession of phone number & address to be visited in Lebanon, and a non-refundable onward or round trip ticket.
 LesothoVisa not required[129]30 days 
 LiberiaVisa required[130]  X
 LibyaVisa required[131]  
 LiechtensteinVisa not required[132]90 days
 LithuaniaVisa not required[133]90 days
 LuxembourgVisa not required[134]90 days
 MacedoniaVisa not required[135]90 days 
 MadagascarFree visa on arrival[136]30 days
  • Extension possible for a fee.
 MalawiVisa on arrival[137]90 days
  • Can extend for a total of 90 days.
 MalaysiaVisa not required[138]1 month 
 MaldivesFree visa on arrival[139]30 days[76] X
 MaliVisa required[140]  
 MaltaVisa not required[141]90 days
 Marshall IslandsVisa on arrival[142]90 days X
 MauritaniaVisa on arrival[143] X
 MauritiusVisa not required[144]90 days 
 MexicoVisa not required[145]180 days 
 MicronesiaVisa not required[146]30 days 
 MoldovaVisa not required[147]90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period
 MonacoVisa not required[148]  
 MongoliaVisa not required[149]30 days 
 MontenegroVisa not required[150]90 days 
 MoroccoVisa not required[151]30 days X
 MozambiqueVisa on arrival[152]30 daysX
 MyanmarVisa not required[154]30 days 
 NamibiaVisa not required[155]3 months X
 NauruVisa required[156]  X
   NepalVisa on arrival[157]90 days X
 NetherlandsVisa not required[158]90 days
 New ZealandVisa not required[159]90 days 
 NicaraguaVisa not required[160]90 days 
 NigerVisa required[161]  X
 NigeriaVisa required[162] 
  • Holders of written e-visa approval issued by Immigration Authority Headquarters in Abuja, can obtain a visa on arrival.
 North KoreaVisa required[121]  
 NorwayVisa not required[163]90 days
 OmaneVisa / Visa on arrival[164][165][166]30 days X
 PakistanVisa required[167] 
  • Visa on arrival when travelling on business valid for 30 days.
  • Visa on arrival when travelling as part of a group through a designated tour operator.[169]
 PalauVisa on arrival[170]30 days
  • A visa is issued free of charge upon arrival at any port of entries.
 PanamaVisa not required[171]180 days 
 Papua New GuineaFree visa on arrival[172]60 days X
 ParaguayVisa not required[173]30 days 
 PeruVisa not required[174]183 days 
 PhilippinesVisa not required[175]30 days 
 PolandVisa not required[176]90 days
 PortugalVisa not required[177]90 days
 QatarVisa not required[178][179]30 days, may be extended for a further 30 daysX
 Republic of the CongoVisa required[61] 
  • Except Passengers with VIP invitation.
 RomaniaVisa not required[180]90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period
 RussiaVisa required[181] 
  • Holders of an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) travelling on business do not require a visa.
 RwandaVisa not required[182]90 days 
 Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required[183]3 months 
 Saint LuciaVisa not required[184]15 days 
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not required[185]1 month 
 SamoaFree Entry permit on arrival[186]60 days X
 San MarinoVisa not required[187]  
 Saudi ArabiaVisa required[189] 
  • Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas at present.
 SenegalVisa not required[190]90 days 
 SerbiaVisa not required[191]90 days
  • 90 days within 6 month period
 SeychellesFree Visitor’s permit on arrival[192]3 months
  • Issued free of charge.[76]
 Sierra LeoneVisa required[193] 
  • Holders of a copy of a pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival.
 SlovakiaVisa not required[194]90 days
 SloveniaVisa not required[195]90 days
 Solomon IslandsVisitor’s permit on arrival[196]3 months X
 SomaliaVisa on arrival[197] 
  • Visa is issued on arrival is available at Bosaso (BSA), Galcaio (GLK) and Mogadishu (MGQ) airports for a maximum stay of 30 days.
 South AfricaVisa not required[198]90 days 
 South KoreaVisa not required[122]90 days 
 South SudanVisa required[199] 
  • Foreign nationals of South Sudan origin can obtain a visa on arrival.
 SpainVisa not required[200]90 days
 Sri LankaeVisa / Visa on arrival[201] 
  • Visas are issued on arrival free of charge with a validity of 30 days
  • Extendible for another 150 days.
 SudanVisa required[202] 
  • Pre-Approved Visa can be obtained on arrival.
 SurinameTourist card on arrival[203]30 days, may be extended to a total of 90 days[204] 
 SwazilandVisa not required[205]30 days[76] 
 SwedenVisa not required[206]90 days
  SwitzerlandVisa not required[207]90 days
 SyriaVisa required[208]  
 São Tomé and PríncipeeVisa[188]  X
 TajikistaneVisa / Visa on arrival[209][210]45 days
  • E-visa holders can enter through all border points.[211]
  • Application form must be completed online to obtain visa on arrival
 TanzaniaVisa not required[212]90 days 
 ThailandVisa not required[213]30 days
  • Maximum two visits annually if not arriving by air.
 Timor-LesteVisa on arrival[214]30 daysX
 TogoVisa on arrival[215]7 days X
 TongaVisa on arrival[216]31 days X
 Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required[217]90 days 
 TunisiaVisa not required[218]3 months
  • An exit fee of 30 Tunisian Dinars is required for non-residents exiting Tunisia.[219]
 TurkeyVisa not required[220]3 months 
 TurkmenistanVisa required[221]  
 TuvaluVisa on arrival[222]1 month[76] X
 UgandaVisa not required[223]3 months 
 UkraineeVisa / Visa on arrival[224][225]15 daysX
 United Arab EmiratesFree visa on arrival[227] 
  • Visa on Arrival is issued free of charge for stays not exceeding 30 Days.
  • Extension is possible for a fee.
 United KingdomVisa not required[228]6 months 
 United StatesVisa Waiver Program[229]90 days
 UruguayVisa not required[231]3 months 
 UzbekistanVisa not required[232]30 days X
 VanuatuVisa not required[233]30 days[76] 
  Vatican CityVisa not required[234]  
 VenezuelaVisa required[235]  X
 VietnamVisa not required[236]30 days 
 YemenVisa required[237]  
 ZambiaVisa not required[238]90 days 
 ZimbabweVisa not required[239]3 months


Pre-approved visas pick-up

Pre-approved visas can be picked up on arrival in the following countries instead in embassy or consulate.

visas pick-up
on arrival
 Bhutan[240]For a maximum stay of 15 days if the application was submitted at least 2 and a half months before arrival and if the clearance was obtained.
 Cameroon[241]Must hold approval from the General Delegate of Security.
 Eritrea[242]Must have a sponsor who must submit an application at least 48 hours before arrival.
 Gabon[243]Holders of entry authorisation issued by the state authorities.
 Liberia[244]Available only if arriving from a country without a diplomatic mission of Liberia and if a sponsor obtained an approval.
 Nigeria[245]Holders of a visa application who have a Nigerian company taking responsibility for them.
 Sierra Leone[246]Holders of a visa approval.
 Sudan[247]Holders of an entry permit issued by the Ministry of Interior.
 Turkmenistan[248]Holders of an invitation letter of the local company that was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The content in the list above are source from wikipeadia.

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