Tour overview

Badagry is a coastal town and local government area (LGA) in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme. As of the preliminary 2006 census results, the municipality had a population of 241,093.

Serving as a lagoon and an Atlantic port, Badagry emerged as a commercial center on the West African coast between 1736 and 1851. Its connecting and navigable lakes, creeks, and inland lagoons acted as a means to facilitate trade and as a security bar for residents. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the town was a middleman between European traders on the coast and traders from the hinterland.

Coming last Saturday of January 2021 join us for a day tour of Badagry and envelope yourself in the beautiful city with our best tour guide readily available to take us around.


  • Light Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Boat Ride
  • Game On Board
  • Comprehensive Tour of Badagry
  • Entrance Fees
  • Boat Transportation
  • Wifi on Board
  • Networking (How To Digitalize A Business)
  • Commedy
  • Fishing Lesson ( Optional )

Not Included

  • Gratuity
  • Private Transport To Location
  • Anything not mentioned in the included section

Day 1 Badagry Tour

Meet Up at CMS Ferry ( JETTY) Termina head straight to Badagry, light breakfast plus drink will be served while en route.

Opportunity for tourist on-board to meet other tourists to network and mingle.

Different games will be introduced along the way, such as whot, ludo, team selection, what am I, and a whole lot's.

At the tour site, we will visit different locations such as:
Mobee slave relics museum
Brazillian baracoon
The first storey building in Nigeria
Badagry heritage museum
Slave port/Point of no return
Lord Lugard resident
The Agia Tree Monument
The First Primary School In Nigeria
The British Abolitionist Cannon Gun

At the end of the tour, we will take a break and have our lunch, network before heading back to the drop-off locations and back to our destinations