The World Most Powerful Passport

The World Most Powerful Passport

The Most Powerful Passport

Most powerful passport in the world, in our recent post about Singapore Passport being the world strongest passport, according to Henley Passport Index report the Japanese has taken over Singapore topping Germany, South Korea, and France in the third position

A Japanese Passport holder can travel to 190 countries without a visa or get a visa on arrival, cool right. While Singapore passport holder can travel to 189 countries without a visa or visa on arrival.

While Germany, France, and South Korea Passport holder can enter 188 countries without a visa which makes them the 3rd position.

Meanwhile, UK and USA having access to 186 countries are in the fifth position. The UK and US Passport were the most powerful back in 2015

The World Most Powerful Passport

You can download the table to see what position your country or the position your country stand. Click here to download

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