Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers in this first series I will be sharing from reviews of travelers from around Nigeria and the world about Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers Visiting Lagos. You can also read about Travelers coming into Lagos

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Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers Visiting Lagos

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers

Lagos City in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island, the financial center of the metropolis, is known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife.

To the north, Lagos Island is home to the National Museum Lagos, displaying cultural artifacts and craftworks. Nearby is Freedom Park, once a colonial-era prison and now a major venue for concerts and public events.Beaches line the Lekki Peninsula running east from the city, while inland, the Lekki Conservation Centre offers wildlife and trails.

The National Gallery of Modern Art shares a building with the National Arts Theatre, and showcases works by Nigerian artists. Local arts and crafts can be found at colorful Lekki Market, and at private galleries across the city. North of the center, the life of Lagos musician Fela Kuti is celebrated at the Kalakuta Museum.

To the west, the town of Badagry contains sites and museums documenting the town’s history as a slave port, including the Badagry Heritage Museum. Source: Google trips.

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Lagos Island

Lagos Island is the principal and central local government area in Lagos, Lagos State. It is part of the Lagos Division. As of the preliminary 2006 Nigerian census, the LGA had a population of 209,437 in an area of 8.7 km². Wikipedia

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers

Victoria Island, Lagos

Victoria Island (VI) is an affluent area that encompasses a former island of the same name neighboring Lagos Island, Ikoyi and the Lekki Peninsula by the Lagos Lagoon. It is the main business and financial center of Lagos in Lagos State, Nigeria. Wikipedia Did you know: Victoria Island is one of Nigeria’s busiest centers of banking and commerce, with most major Nigerian and international corporations headquartered on the Island.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos in Lagos Island, Nigeria which was formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison. It was designed by the Architect Theo Lawson. The Park was constructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians. WikipediaAddress: Broad St, Lagos Island, LagosPhone: 0809 500 6567

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers

Freedom Park Reviews by travelers Google reviews

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers

Adeyemi Ajibade Home for the Calm mind.
If you are interested in History and you want to just relax under no pressure and have a little fun then freedom Park is the place to visit.
My advice for those who will want to go read or clear their head the best time is to visit on a Saturday between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm.
For the nightlife and chills, I think all evenings are fine if you are lucky a theatre play could be happening.
Have fun

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbour in Nigeria. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis. The beach, popular with swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts, also has a welcoming resident community.

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers
Onalaja 'Gbenga

Onalaja ‘Gbenga Local Guide · 19 reviews · 59 photos month agoIf you want to catch the sunset in Lagos, away from the city noise with a good book and a chilled box of Cranberry juice, Tarkwa Bay is where you need to be. The ambience is perfect and for a while, looking at the Eko Atlantic new development area rising across the Atlantic, you will be forgiven if you forgot for a while that you are still in the busiest city in Africa.

Kolapo Bankole

Kolapo BankoleLocal Guide · 22 reviews · 10 photos a week agoCool beach. Has lots of foreigners. Paying for seats @ #500 per chair and a tent for #1500.

Gouse Khan

Gouse Khan11 reviews · 8 photos a day ago Nice place to go with group . You have lot of space to enjoy and plan your own entertainment . You have volleyball net . You will get local food , water bottles and soft\hard drinks . You will get music system as well but you need to pay seperately over there . Overall pleasent experience.

Sodipe Ifetayo

Sodipe Ifetayo Local Guide · 19 reviews · 48 photos  3 days agoThis place is a hidden treasure, gorgeous landscapes, and beautiful waterfront.
Tarkwa Bay gives you the impression that you have no worries in the world. It’s that perfect getaway location from all the roughness and ruggedness that is Lagos.
P.S I doubt you’d ever have a bad picture from this place. Locals are friendly too, gave directions when we couldn’t find the beach and even one of them offered to take us there. It was quite memorable.

Nigerian National Museum

The Nigerian National Museum is a national museum of Nigeria, located in the city of Lagos. The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. Of note is a terra-cotta human head known as the Jemaa Head, part of the Nok culture.

Lagos Travel Guide For Travelers
Diusor Odiakosa

Diusor OdiakosaLocal Guide · 23 reviews · 32 photosa day agoIt was an informative visit for me however more attention needs to be given to the Museum. After making payment, we were told to walk around on our own without a tour guide. This was definitely off for me ?


OLAOLUWA OSUNDARE Local Guide · 28 reviews · 127 photos a month ago Not bad of a scenery from the entrance, although it’s not a perfect view for a “national museum” but that doesn’t take anything away from its collection which could prove very useful for inquisitive patriots or historians. Quite a wide collection especially the old currency notes, cowries etc. It’s indeed a place to visit if you’re interested in the pre-colonial era or early independence period.

anita ajah

anita ajahLocal Guide · 363 reviews · 809 photosa month agoLocated just before onikan roundabout. This museum is one of the oldest Federal museum in Nigeria. I think efforts should be made to encourage more visitors to the museum as there are little or no activities within the premises.

Sarah Udoh

Sarah UdohLocal Guide · 63 reviews · 368 photos It’s a lovely place to visit with a lot of artefacts and memories from history which signifies Nigerian roots and culture and heritage.

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