Etihad Introduces Automatic Wheelchair

Etihad Introduces Automatic Wheelchair. Etihad, Abu Dhabi International Airport and SITA partnered for a project testing. Personal electric vehicle (Automatic wheelchair) to last through this year in Abu Dhabi International Airport.

In-line with Etihad Introduces Automatic Wheelchair. Bryan Thompson, chief executive officer of Abu Dhabi Airports in his motion, stated, “We are delighted to be working with Etihad to trial the use of autonomous wheelchairs at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

“Enhancing the freedom of movement of those with mobility restrictions forms a part of our wider commitment to delivering a smooth and seamless passenger experience to each and every traveller through the implementation of innovative and cutting-edge technologies throughout Abu Dhabi International Airport and our upcoming Midfield Terminal.”

The WHILL Autonomous Drive System wheelchairs will render assistance to PRM (person with reduced mobility)  without the supervision of any staff to move around the airport and also the wheelchair is programmed with sensors to divert obstructions and danger ahead it will also help updating the traveler with boarding updates and more.

The automatic wheelchair services are optional, travelers with reduced mobility can still make use of the official wheel assistance in place.

The automatic wheelchair is still in a testing mode at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.