The following items are complete list of banned items on an airplane, and should not be brought to the airport:

banned items on an airplane

Banned items on an airplane: These include you handbag, carry-on bag and your checked bag. You can readmore Restricted items on Ethiopian Airways

Explosive and Incendiary Materials:

Gunpowder (including black powder and percussion caps), dynamite, blasting caps, fireworks, flares, plastic explosives, grenades, replicas of incendiary devices, and replicas of plastic explosives.

Flammable Items:

Gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluid, cooking fuel, other types of flammable liquid fuel, flammable paints, paint thinner, turpentine, aerosols (exceptions for personal care items, toiletries, or medically related items).

Gases and Pressure Containers:

Banned items on an airplane: Aerosols (with the exception of personal care items or toiletries in limited quantities in containers sized three ounces or smaller), carbon dioxide cartridges, oxygen tanks (scuba or medical), mace, tear gas, pepper spray, self-inflating rafts, and deeply refrigerated gases such as liquid nitrogen.


All matches are banned from checked baggage, and strike-anywhere matches are banned completely from aircraft, but you can have a single book of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches with you in the passenger cabin.

Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides:

Bleach, nitric acid, fertilizers, swimming pool or spa chemicals, and fiberglass repair kits.


Weed killers, pesticides, insecticides, rodent poisons, arsenic, and cyanides.

Infectious Materials:

Medical laboratory specimens, viral organisms, and bacterial cultures.


Drain cleaners, car batteries, wet cell batteries, acids, alkalis, lye, and mercury.


Fiberglass resins, peroxides.

Radioactive Materials:

There are some exceptions for implanted radioactive medical devices. Contact your airline for details on how to ship other radioactive materials.

Magnetic Materials:

Strong magnets such as those in some loudspeakers and laboratory equipment.

Other Dangerous Items:

Tear gas, spay paint, swimming pool or spa chlorine, and torch lighters.

Note: If you are in any doubt about whether your item may be hazardous, you should bring it to the attention of either your airline or the security screener.