Checking Into a Hotel

Reception Counter (Front Desk)

Checking Into a Hotel after making your hotel room reservation online, now Checking Into a Hotel should be easy and fun and note checking in nicely and friendly could earn or give you an upgrade, that is if you ask the attendant nicely.

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The very first person you will see when checking in is the attendant or receptionist be polite and kind with the attendant, and do not forget to put on a smile.

Ask the attendant about the hotel, the rooms services, promotions, and upgrade if necessary

Checking Into a Hotel
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The room (After Checking Into a Hotel room)

Now in your room, the very first thing you will see is the door to your hotel room, do not be like other travelers that open a hotel room door and just close it behind them without actually locking it.

What you need to do after checking in into a hotel
  1. Check the locks if they are old or still very much intact, safety first. “You know an open door is like a free hallway for thieves”.
  2. Check the room thoroughly for any backdoor exist or emergency exists.
  3. Deposit box, thinking of using a deposit box check the security locks of the safe deposit
  4. Windows lock checking is also very important

Checking in into a hotel room: Survey the rooms orderliness!

Is your room clean and in order? Always request the hotel (room service) to remove and change any decorative bedspreads that often don’t get changed, some bedspreads hide dirt cause of the colors and decoration. Check for hairs or stains to make sure you’ve got fresh linens. Check trash cans and your toiletries. We always advise travelers checking in into a hotel to travel with their own toiletries, save yourself some trouble by making sure you’ve got everything you need and your room is up to your taste and style. #TravellersguideNG


Tools you need when checking in into a hotel.

  1. Phone Charger
  2. Credit or Debit Cards
  3. Country of the destination map
  4. Translator device optional
  5. Internet
Checking Into a Hotel
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Method 2 Checking into Your Hotel

  1. Go to reception. …
  2. Have your identification, reservation confirmation, and form of payment (preferably a credit card with lots of room on it) at hand. …
  3. Take note of the hotel
  4. Ask questions. …
  5. Get the key(s). …
  6. Tip your bell boy. …
  7. Inspect your room. …
  8. Unpack and make yourself at home!

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