List Of Airlines And Airports of Angola

Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia. The country’s colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine and its landmarks including Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576 to defend the capital, Luanda.
Capital and largest city: Luanda; 8°50′S 13°20′E / 8.833°S 13.333°E
Currency: Angolan kwanza


Airlines And Airports of Angola

Airport names shown in bold indicate the facility has scheduled passenger service on a commercial airline.

The airports are managed by the company Empresa Nacional de Exploração de Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea (ENANA – National company to manage airports and air navigation).

City servedProvinceICAOIATAAirport nameRWY (m)
AmbrizBengoFNAMAZZAmbriz Airport16/34: 2420 x 39, Dirt
AnduloBiéANLAndulo Airport01/19: 3048 x 50, Dirt
BenguelaBenguelaFNBGBUGBenguela Airport14/32: 1600 x 30, Asphalt
CabindaCabindaFNCACABCabinda Airport01/19: 2518 x 32, Asphalt
CacoloLunda SulFNCCCacolo Airport11/29: 2042 x 59, Dirt
CafunfoLunda NorteFNCFCFFCafunfo Airport06/24: 2612 x 42, Asphalt
CamabatelaCuanza NorteFNCMCamabatela Airport17/35: 1411 x 39, Grass
CamaxiloLunda NorteFNCXCamaxilo Airport11/29: 1996 x 30, Gravel
CamembeBengoFNCBCamembe Airport03/21: 1536 x 69, Grass
CangambaMoxicoCNZCangamba Airport16/34: 2158 x 37, Dirt
Capanda DamMalanjeFNCPKNPKapanda Airport15/33: 2006 x 46, Asphalt
H1: 20 dia., Grass
H2: 20 dia., Grass
CatocaLunda SulCatoca Airport
CatumbelaBenguelaFNCTCBTCatumbela Airport02/20: 3716 x 47, Asphalt
CazomboMoxicoFNCZCAVCazombo Airport17/35: 1975 x 40, Dirt
Cuito CuanavaleCuando CubangoFNCVCTICuito Cuanavale Airport12/30: 2731 x 27, Asphalt
DambaUígeFNDBDamba Airport14/32: 1237 x 37, Grass
DiricoCuando CubangoDRCDirico Airport11/29: 1433 x 33, Gravel
DundoLunda NorteFNCHPGIChitato Airport13/31: 1792 x 35, Asphalt
DundoLunda NorteFNDUDUECamaquenzo Airport05/23: 2500 x 45, Asphalt
HuamboHuamboFNNLHuambo Airport04/22: 457 x 13, Dirt
HuamboHuamboFNHUNOVAlbano Machado Airport11/29: 2722 x 45, Asphalt
JambaHuílaFNJAJMBJamba Airport
KuitoBiéFNKUSVPKuito Airport07/25: 2493 x 30, Asphalt
LobitoBenguelaFNLBLLTLobito Airport[1]16/34: 1521 x 30, Asphalt
LuandaLuandaFNLULADQuatro de Fevereiro Airport05/23: 3712 x 43, Asphalt
07/25: 2490 x 51, Asphalt
LuandaBengoAngola International Airport
(under construction)
4200 × 60
LuauMoxicoFNUAUALLuau Airport17/35: 1558 x 39, Dirt
LuauMoxicopendingpendingLuau International Airport16/34: 2600, Asphalt
LubangoHuílaFNUBSDDLubango Airport10/28: 2859 x 29, Asphalt
LucapaLunda NorteFNLKLBZLucapa Airport18/36: 2414 x 48, Dirt
LuenaMoxicoFNUELUOLuena Airport11/29: 2393 x 30, Asphalt
Lumbala N’guimboMoxicoFNBLGGCLumbala Airport10/28: 1966 x 35, Dirt
Luzamba (Cuango-Luzamba)Lunda NorteFNLZLZMCuango-Luzamba Airport03/21: 1588 x 61, Asphalt
Malanje (Malange)MalanjeFNMAMEGMalanje Airport13/31: 2204 x 32, Asphalt
Maquela do ZomboUígeFNMQMaquela Airport07/25: 1469 x 39, Grass
M’banza-Kongo (Mbanza Congo)ZaireFNBCSSYMbanza Congo Airport17/35: 1832 x 30, Asphalt
MenongueCuando CubangoFNMESPPMenongue Airport13/31: 3560 x 40, Asphalt
N’dalatandoCuanza NorteNDFN’dalatando Airport[1]
N’zetoZaireFNZEARZN’zeto Airport04/22: 2192 x 27, Grass
MoçâmedesNamibeFNMOMSZMoçâmedes Airport08/26: 2496 x 45, Asphalt
NegageUígeFNNGGXGNegage Airport16/34: 2460 x 33, Asphalt
09/27: 814 x 27, Dirt
Nzagi (Andrada)Lunda NorteFNZGNZANzagi Airport08/26: 2207 x 53, Dirt
Ondjiva (Ongiva, N’giva)CuneneFNGIVPEOndjiva Pereira Airport12/30: 3295 x 35, Asphalt
Porto AmboimCuanza SulFNPAPBNPorto Amboim Airport06/24: 991 x 30, Asphalt
Sanza PomboUígeFNPBSanza Pombo Airport08/26: 1146 x 36, Grass
SaurimoLunda SulFNSAVHCSaurimo Airport14/32: 3402 x 45, Asphalt
SoyoZaireFNSOSZASoyo Airport07/25: 2121 x 50, Asphalt
SumbeCuanza SulFNSUNDDSumbe Airport05/23: 951 x 22, Asphalt
TotoUígeFNTOXamindele Airport11/29: 1548 x 36, Grass
UígeUígeFNUGUGOUíge Airport01/19: 2006 x 31, Asphalt
Waku-Kungo (Waco Kungo)Cuanza SulFNWKCEOWaco Kungo Airport07/25: 1993 x 32, Asphalt
XangongoCuneneFNXAXGNXangongo Airport03/21: 2265 x 30, Asphalt

Source: Wikipeadia

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