Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia. The country’s colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine and its landmarks including Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576 to defend the capital, Luanda.
Capital and largest city: Luanda; 8°50′S 13°20′E / 8.833°S 13.333°E
Currency: Angolan kwanza
Co-official languages: Kikongo; Kimbundu; Umbundu

Airlines And Airports of Angola

This is a list of airlines that have an air operator’s certificate issued by the national aviation authority of Angola, the Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil.

Airline IATA ICAO Image Callsign Hub Airport(s) Notes
SJL Aeronautica
Airjet Exploracao Aerea de Carga MBC Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia, Airjet JP5960421.jpg
Air 26 DCD D2-EYN Embraer Emb.120 Air 26 (7682729906).jpg DUCARD Quatro de Fevereiro Airport
Angola Air Charter AGO Boeing 707-324C, Angola Air Charter AN0192382.jpg ANGOLA CHARTER
Diexim Expresso
AeroJet TEJ
SonAir SOR Fokker 50, Sonair JP5853170.jpg SONAIR
TAAG Angola Airlines DT DTA TAAG 777-3M2ER.jpg DTA
Serviços Executivos Aéreos de Angola
Heli Malongo Airways


Airlines And Airports of Angola

Airport names shown in bold indicate the facility has scheduled passenger service on a commercial airline.

The airports are managed by the company Empresa Nacional de Exploração de Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea (ENANA – National company to manage airports and air navigation).

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name RWY (m)
Ambriz Bengo FNAM AZZ Ambriz Airport 16/34: 2420 x 39, Dirt
Andulo Bié ANL Andulo Airport 01/19: 3048 x 50, Dirt
Benguela Benguela FNBG BUG Benguela Airport 14/32: 1600 x 30, Asphalt
Cabinda Cabinda FNCA CAB Cabinda Airport 01/19: 2518 x 32, Asphalt
Cacolo Lunda Sul FNCC Cacolo Airport 11/29: 2042 x 59, Dirt
Cafunfo Lunda Norte FNCF CFF Cafunfo Airport 06/24: 2612 x 42, Asphalt
Camabatela Cuanza Norte FNCM Camabatela Airport 17/35: 1411 x 39, Grass
Camaxilo Lunda Norte FNCX Camaxilo Airport 11/29: 1996 x 30, Gravel
Camembe Bengo FNCB Camembe Airport 03/21: 1536 x 69, Grass
Cangamba Moxico CNZ Cangamba Airport 16/34: 2158 x 37, Dirt
Capanda Dam Malanje FNCP KNP Kapanda Airport 15/33: 2006 x 46, Asphalt
H1: 20 dia., Grass
H2: 20 dia., Grass
Catoca Lunda Sul Catoca Airport
Catumbela Benguela FNCT CBT Catumbela Airport 02/20: 3716 x 47, Asphalt
Cazombo Moxico FNCZ CAV Cazombo Airport 17/35: 1975 x 40, Dirt
Cuito Cuanavale Cuando Cubango FNCV CTI Cuito Cuanavale Airport 12/30: 2731 x 27, Asphalt
Damba Uíge FNDB Damba Airport 14/32: 1237 x 37, Grass
Dirico Cuando Cubango DRC Dirico Airport 11/29: 1433 x 33, Gravel
Dundo Lunda Norte FNCH PGI Chitato Airport 13/31: 1792 x 35, Asphalt
Dundo Lunda Norte FNDU DUE Camaquenzo Airport 05/23: 2500 x 45, Asphalt
Huambo Huambo FNNL Huambo Airport 04/22: 457 x 13, Dirt
Huambo Huambo FNHU NOV Albano Machado Airport 11/29: 2722 x 45, Asphalt
Jamba Huíla FNJA JMB Jamba Airport
Kuito Bié FNKU SVP Kuito Airport 07/25: 2493 x 30, Asphalt
Lobito Benguela FNLB LLT Lobito Airport[1] 16/34: 1521 x 30, Asphalt
Luanda Luanda FNLU LAD Quatro de Fevereiro Airport 05/23: 3712 x 43, Asphalt
07/25: 2490 x 51, Asphalt
Luanda Bengo Angola International Airport
(under construction)
4200 × 60
Luau Moxico FNUA UAL Luau Airport 17/35: 1558 x 39, Dirt
Luau Moxico pending pending Luau International Airport 16/34: 2600, Asphalt
Lubango Huíla FNUB SDD Lubango Airport 10/28: 2859 x 29, Asphalt
Lucapa Lunda Norte FNLK LBZ Lucapa Airport 18/36: 2414 x 48, Dirt
Luena Moxico FNUE LUO Luena Airport 11/29: 2393 x 30, Asphalt
Lumbala N’guimbo Moxico FNBL GGC Lumbala Airport 10/28: 1966 x 35, Dirt
Luzamba (Cuango-Luzamba) Lunda Norte FNLZ LZM Cuango-Luzamba Airport 03/21: 1588 x 61, Asphalt
Malanje (Malange) Malanje FNMA MEG Malanje Airport 13/31: 2204 x 32, Asphalt
Maquela do Zombo Uíge FNMQ Maquela Airport 07/25: 1469 x 39, Grass
M’banza-Kongo (Mbanza Congo) Zaire FNBC SSY Mbanza Congo Airport 17/35: 1832 x 30, Asphalt
Menongue Cuando Cubango FNME SPP Menongue Airport 13/31: 3560 x 40, Asphalt
N’dalatando Cuanza Norte NDF N’dalatando Airport[1]
N’zeto Zaire FNZE ARZ N’zeto Airport 04/22: 2192 x 27, Grass
Moçâmedes Namibe FNMO MSZ Moçâmedes Airport 08/26: 2496 x 45, Asphalt
Negage Uíge FNNG GXG Negage Airport 16/34: 2460 x 33, Asphalt
09/27: 814 x 27, Dirt
Nzagi (Andrada) Lunda Norte FNZG NZA Nzagi Airport 08/26: 2207 x 53, Dirt
Ondjiva (Ongiva, N’giva) Cunene FNGI VPE Ondjiva Pereira Airport 12/30: 3295 x 35, Asphalt
Porto Amboim Cuanza Sul FNPA PBN Porto Amboim Airport 06/24: 991 x 30, Asphalt
Sanza Pombo Uíge FNPB Sanza Pombo Airport 08/26: 1146 x 36, Grass
Saurimo Lunda Sul FNSA VHC Saurimo Airport 14/32: 3402 x 45, Asphalt
Soyo Zaire FNSO SZA Soyo Airport 07/25: 2121 x 50, Asphalt
Sumbe Cuanza Sul FNSU NDD Sumbe Airport 05/23: 951 x 22, Asphalt
Toto Uíge FNTO Xamindele Airport 11/29: 1548 x 36, Grass
Uíge Uíge FNUG UGO Uíge Airport 01/19: 2006 x 31, Asphalt
Waku-Kungo (Waco Kungo) Cuanza Sul FNWK CEO Waco Kungo Airport 07/25: 1993 x 32, Asphalt
Xangongo Cunene FNXA XGN Xangongo Airport 03/21: 2265 x 30, Asphalt

Source: Wikipeadia

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