Bangladesh General Visa Information

To apply for Bangladesh visa, the applicant must submit original passport valid for at least 06 months with minimum two blank pages. Visa application must be submitted to the High Commission in a prescribed visa application form along with 2 (two) recent passport size photographs with white background. Please, you can download online visa application form here.
Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be rejected without citing any reason thereof. The applicant may be called for an interview if it is felt necessary by the visa issuing officer.

Please pay the visa fees payable in cash to Bangladesh High Commission, Nigeria. The Visa Fee is Non-refundable even if the visa is refused.

Visa Fees
Single Entry: $100
Multiple Entry: $250
Visa processing time:
At least Five (05) working days. Some case will require additional administrative processing and we cannot expedite these requirements, therefore we recommend you not to purchase flight ticket until you have your passport along with visa, returned to you.

Bangladesh General Visa Information Requirements for different Visas
Please click below to know about the requirement of different categories of visa in addition to the requirement mentioned under ‘General Information’: Get more information:

1. A letter from concern business organization in Nigeria introducing the applicant, his employment status in the organization and the purpose of visit to Bangladesh.
2. A letter of invitation from Bangladeshi organization mentioning the applicant’s name, passport number, the purpose of visit and duration for which visa is required. It should be addressed to Bangladesh High Commission, Nigeria.
Duration of Business Visa is Maximum six (06) months.